What We Do … and Some Companies We’ve Done it For

imgKim takes time to understand her client and then conceives a product that is an excellent fit. Her work is creative, to the point, and captured the essence of our agency. I would highly recommend Kim Deichmann and will continue to use her services.

- Julie Schoen, Legal Counsel for the Council on Aging of Orange County

Web Design

Web Design by Grove Graphix

In today’s world, if you don’t have a website, you don’t have game. Use the power of the internet to build brand presence and lure customers to learn more about your product with killer web design by Grove Graphix. Our creative edge and business knowledge translates into websites that not only look awesome, but have compelling content that sells and gets you found in search results.   


Branding Portfolio for Grove Graphix

This is where the juice originates. Branding. The holy grail of marketing. Before consumers touch your product or use your service, your brand’s vibe telegraphs a slew of messages about what they can expect. Effective branding instills a sense of quality and reliability. It speaks to needs and silences reservations. Get your product perception on track with powerful branding by Grove Graphix.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo is your mark — and your brand’s calling card. Make sure it reflects what your product or service stands for, both now and in the future. Grove Graphix will get the creative juices flowing by working with you to design the perfect logo. Together, we’ll arrive at a mark that communicates exactly what you want to say about your brand today and tomorrow.

Ad Design


Marketing your product or service in a way that speaks to target customers requires creativity, strategic thinking, and flexibility. In short, you need a comprehensive approach that sells. Juicy ad design means a look that supports your brand message and maximizes return on advertising dollars. At Grove Graphix, we know how to bring it.

Card and Direct Mailer Design


Want to grab customers’ attention and steal it away from the competition? Get your cards and direct mailers to stand out from the crowd with our eye-catching design. We do all kinds of stock, sound, and 3D printing to make your sales pieces jump to the top of the mail pile and pop off the shelf.

Point of Sale


To say the retail environment is competitive is a massive understatement. Want to cut through the clutter? Then, you’d better have product displays that engage the eyeballs while intriguing the mind. Let us design “Look at me now!” POS items for your product or service. Our innovative approach and juicy styling will bring on the wow factor you deserve.



Brochures, inserts, newsletters, business cards… You need them to communicate information about your product or service in a way that’s engaging and compels consumers to act. Marketing collateral is often the only shot you get to connect with a potential customer. Persuade them to want to learn more with Grove Graphix design and content.


Packaging by Grove Graphix

Face the facts: The container that holds or “presents” your product is just as important as the product itself. Your packaging is the first thing your customer sees and acts as a silent salesperson who communicates, “You want this!” through touch, look, and feel. Give your product the packaging love it deserves to seal the deal. Juice things up with Grove Graphix packaging design.

Illustration and T-Shirt Design


Illustrations can take many forms — including awesome T-shirts that proclaim, product, or event to the world. This is where superior graphic design gets you noticed and can really make a difference to your bottom line. Go to the Grove for t-shirt graphics that speak in your language and style. We’ll help you attract the attention that brings on a harvest of new prospects.