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Caved wood buttons on your wooden iphone case
Premium Guitar tonewoods for your iphone case
Tonewood Cases.  Hardwood cases for your iphone

Authentic wood cases for the iPhone® 4 / 4S. Made from premium guitar tonewoods.

Our News

Walnut wood cases coming soon.  For questions or to receive an email when they are available please contact us.


Other woods?  We are in the process of evaluating which other tonewoods our customers are interested in seeing in our product line.  Mahogany?  Spruce?  Send us an email with your thoughts.

Our Story


The Tonewood CasesStory

As musicians and aspiring luthiers, we have a deep appreciation for the beauty and quality craftsmanship of acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. 

Since we’re also avid consumers of technology, we were disappointed with the lack of variety in cases available for the iPhone® 4 and 4S.  It seems like a shame to mask such an elegantly designed piece of technology with a cheap plastic or brightly colored silicon case.

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Our Products


Rosewood iPhone® 4/4S Case

Sought after for its unparalleled tonal qualities and visual appeal, Rosewood is the premier guitar tonewood. 

This case provides that same luxurious look and feel for your iPhone® 4 or 4S. Authentic, premium-grade Rosewood is used, down to the detail of carved volume and power buttons. This is the ultimate iPhone® case for discriminating musicians or anyone who appreciates the visual appeal of Rosewood.

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At Tonewood Cases™, we believe the durability and luxurious appearance of the woods used in building guitars also makes them the perfect material for unique, eye-catching iPhone® cases.

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Product Features

» Case for the iPhone 4 / 4S made from authentic, premium wood

» Two piece construction for easy removal

» Wooden volume and power buttons

» Padded lining for safely cushion

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